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30-03-12, 12:29
Wedding Dress, Size 8.
Worn OnceBy Mistake.

Every Wife Is A 'Mistress" For Her Husband.
"Miss" For One Hour&"Stress" Forthe Rest 23 Hours..!.

There Are Two TimesWhenA Man Doesn't UnderstandA Woman
Before Marriage AndAfter Marriage.
Wife : IWill Die.
Husband :IWill Also Die.
Wife : WhyWill You Die ?
Husband : BecauseICan't Bear That Much Happiness..!.

My Husband And IDivorced Over Religious Differences.
He Thought HeWas God, And I Didn't.

Marriage Is Like A Public Toilet
Those Waiting Outside Are Desperate To Get In
& Those Inside Are Desperate To Come Out.

Why Were HurricanesUsually Named After Women?
Because When TheyArrive,They're Wet AndWild, But
When They Go, TheyTake YourHouse And Car..

Text Messaging
Husband Sends The Following Message To His Wife
My Love,
If You're Sleeping, Send Me Your Dreams.
If You're Smiling, Send Me Your Smile.
If You're Crying, Send Me Your Tears.
I Love You.
Wife Texted Back :
I'm In The Toilet,
What Should I Send You?

The Woman Applying ForA Job In A Florida LemonGrove
Seemed Way TooQualified For The Job.
"Look Miss," Said The Foreman,"Have You Any Actual
Experience InPicking Lemons?"
"Well, As A MatterOf Fact, Yes!"She Replied.
"I've BeenDivorced Three Times."

Whisky Is A Brilliant Invention.
One Double And You Start Feeling Single Again.

A Man Goes To The Wizard To Ask IfHe Can
Remove A Curse HeHas Been Living With For The Last 40 Years.
The Wizard Says, "Maybe, But You Will Have To Tell Me
The Exact Words ThatWere Used To Put The Curse On You."
The Man SaysWithout Hesitation,
"I Now PronounceYou Man And Wife."

Husband Searching Keywords On Google `How To Tackle Wife?`
Google Search Result, `still Searching`.

A Man Goes To A Shrink And Says, "Doctor, My Wife Is Unfaithful To Me.
Every Evening, She Goes To Larry's Bar And Picks Up Men.
In Fact, She Sleeps With Anybody Who Asks Her!
I'm Going Crazy.
What Do You Think I Should Do?"
"Relax," Says The Doctor,
"Take A Deep Breath And Calm Down.
Now, Tell Me, Exactly Where Is Larry's Bar?"

Husband Throwing Darts At His Wife's Photo And Not Even A Single One
Hitting The Target..
From Another Room Wife Called The Husband : "Honey What Are You Doing..
Husband: "MISSING YOU"..

A Man Goes ToSee The Rabbi.
"Rabbi, Something Terrible Is Happening And I HaveTo Talk To You About It."
The Rabbi Asked,"What's Wrong?"
The Man Replied, "MyWife Is Poisoning Me."
The Rabbi, VerySurprised By This, Asks,"How Can That Be?"
The man then pleads,"I'm telling you, I'm certainshe's poisoning
me,what should I do?"
The RabbiThen Offers,
"Tell You What. Let Me Talk ToHer, I'll See WhatI Can Find Out And
I'll Let You Know."
The Rabbi Calls after a while And Says,
"Well I SpokeTo Her For Three Hours.
You WantMy Advice?"
The ManSaid Yes
The RabbiReplied,
"TakeThe poison