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    iPad 2: ; ߒ 1o iPad

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    • The recent launch of Apple, the iPad tablet, has won the award for the second edition of Fiasco Awards delivered this Thursday in Barcelona. From the more than 7,000 people who voted via the website www.fiascoawards.com, 4,325 have considered it the fiasco of the year. Fiasco Awards, 2010 (11 2010)

    • Dont Believe the iPad Hype. Apple has sold out pre-orders of the forthcoming device, but it could all be a marketing tactic. By not manufacturing enough iPads for the initial launch date, is this a case of Apple shooting itself in the foot? Mike Schuster, Minyanville.com (29 2010)

    • The iPad will remain an expensive, niche device compared to all-purpose netbooks.I think that one of the iPads most important uses will be for reading ebooks and publications. Even so, though, when it comes to the marketplace, netbooks will sales still far outstrip those of the iPad. Preston Gralla, PC World (30 2010)

    • As far as what this means to Apple, one thing to keep in mind: Even if the iPad sells more than the iPhone did in its first year, its still only around 5% of the companys revenue. So its a very small slice. From there, it probably doesnt grow as large as the smartphone market. So, if youre buying under rumors, keep perspective in mind. The iPads a great product, but its probably not a game-changer. Eric Bleeker, Analyst, Fool.com (31 2010)

    • I dont get it. It costs $500 for the basic model, when you could get a laptop with a lot more functionality for about the same price. The iPad hype machine has been in full effect this week, and I still think its just thathype. Alex Cook, Frontier Outlook (3 2010)

    • The first troubling sign is the fact that you can still get an iPad today. They didnt sell out. The pure slate form factor has failed all these years because, other than for vertical applications, people want and/or need a keyboard for regular use. The fact of the matter is that a touch screen or bluetooth keyboard just doesnt compensate. Jonathan Yarmis, Ovum, part of Datamonitor Group (6 2010)

    • Which means I end up on the iPad and tablets more generally where I started. Tablets will not create a new category, but will supplant (or merge with) one or more of the current substitutes: smartphones or netbooks.Here I am less optimistic about the iPhone and webOS than I am about Android. Joel West, professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, College of Business at San José State University (30 2010)

    • Not only is Apple typically lost in the enterprise, but it focuses very little of its time there. And with a new, potentially more compelling tablet coming the Cisco Cius the iPads success in the corporate world could be short-lived. Don Reisinger, Channel Insider (5 2010)

    • Our tablet will be better than the iPad. Chang Ma, VP Marketing, LG (20 2010)

    • For those of us who live outside of Apples distortion field, we know that 7″ tablets will actually be a big portion of the market and we know that Adobe Flash support actually matters to customers who want a real web experience. Jim Balsillie, Research In Motion (20 2010)

    • There could literally be millions of first-generation iPads gathering dust in peoples home offices already. This product is the tech industrys biggest MacGuffin yet. Paul Thurrott, Windows IT Pro (23 2010)

    • Steve Jobs never says anything without thinking through it carefully. But I think in this case he may be a little afraid of this category. And hes finding whatever he can to attack because he sees [seven-inch tablets] as a challenge to the dominance of the iPad. Adam Hanin, VP Marketing, Viewsonic (1 2010)

    • We hope our tablet PCs can reach a global market share of 10-20% initially, and become the market leader in two to three years. Gianfranco Lanci, CEO/President, Acer (26 2010)

    • I cant imagine anyone under the age of 30 wanting an iPad. A PS3, Wii, GameBoy, or even a useful laptop maybe, but an iPad? Furthermore, I do not recall ever seeing anyone under 30 actually using an iPad. John C. Dvorak, PC Mag (13 2010)

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