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: man in the middle AirDroid

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    man in the middle AirDroid

    Zimperium remote management Android AirDroid, man-in the middle, hijacked .

    "", , SMS, , . , , AirDroid apk.

    Zimperiium proof of concept developer AirDroid , 2016.

    AirDroid (4.0.0 4.0.1) , .

    : Android Central


    AirDroid, .

    Regarding the security concern about AirDroid, we are here to be transparent to you.
    First of all, we want you to know that your AirDroid account shall not be in danger under secure wifi/ LAN access (the wifi/LAN that you know who host it).

    However, it does not mean that we didnt take this concern seriously. We did take an immediate reaction right after become aware the possible security issue. Theres a misunderstanding between us and the blog which thought we didnt keep our promise to improve.

    Due to the complexity of coding for a cross-screen management application like AirDroid, it is required to have a complete sync systematic coding across clients and server to ensure best possible experience for our users during this transition time, as the systematic amendment will not be completely compatible with the previous versions and some functions may be affected.

    Although we experienced a major restruction earlier this year, we have worked tirelessly and stretch our capability to the max. to make sure that we bring the best solution to you ASAP. We now catch up the timeline and expect to start to roll out an update within two weeks as planned.

    We want to emphasize that your security is our first priority, and this is what our tech guys have always been working the hardest to improve AirDroid.

    Meanwhile, we want to press again that we highly encourage our users to be alarmed to any unknown wifi which might expose your personal data at risk.
    Please bear with us, our AirDroid team is working on shortening the lead time and we will make sure you will be the first to know upon the update is ready!

    If you have any further concern, please do feel free to leave comments below, we will answer your questions asap.
    Thank you for being with us all along, your trust means everything to us!

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